We understand value of every team member and treat each other with respect. We realize that strength of our team is in unity of ideas and achievement of common goals.

  • Responsibility


    We are responsible for delivering our work on time and in full scope. When faced with unpredicted diffculties or lack of information, we turn to team mates for help or project stakeholders for clarifiations. We are proactive at planning, estimation and execution of projects.

  • Attention to details


    Details are important. That’s why at estimation we think through user experience, graphic design and mobile compatibility. At testing, apart from regular QA, we look through each other’s projects to identify problems and suggest improvements before deployment.

  • Creativity and innovation


    We are often in a situation where we need to find a non-typical solution to tasks at hand. In such cases we are not afraid to experiment and apply spike solutions in order to find an optimal way to resolve a business task for our clients.

  • Flexibility


    Ability to adapt to change in scope and deadlines is a valuable characteristic of our team. Advantage of small companies lies in their agility in response to changing markets. Flexibility doesn’t mean that we will make hasty or inconsiderate decisions, but everything possible within conventions of web development to implement client’s business case.

  • Love for the product


    In every project, we work for the end product. It is important that the deliveries we make be instantly marketable. We only work with projects that we fall in love with, which allows us to make commitment to product’s success the highest priority.

  • Communicability


    Serving as an outsourcing company, strong communication skills are vital for each team member. Our task is to make our clients feel confident in our professionalism and comfortable entrusting their web representation to our team. Practically, communicability is expressed via fast and comprehensive responses as well as proactive communications on projects progress with clients and partners.