Implement Custom Loyalty Programs with New Normal

You are great at helping businesses succeed with a loyalty program (we've checked!). Often it requires custom technology to implement. We are here to help you bring your strategy to life!

New Normal was created specifically to empower marketing agencies extend their service offering to clients with custom web development.

Boundless Innovation

With custom development, there's virtually no limit to what can be created. Personalized messaging? Yes! Gamification? Yes! Mobile ordering? Of course! Proximity beacons? You bet!

With us, you can allow your best recommendations to be implemented for your client.

Why New Normal?

We love working with marketing companies, over the last 6 years we have helped many build innovative campaigns, platforms and loyalty programs. Here's why we are the best fit for you:

  • We know marketing. We’ve built tech for dozens of successful digital campaigns: from simple landing pages to gamification platforms. We understand marketing teams and provide you with frictionless service.
  • White label service. We seamlessly integrate into your process to present a unified front to the client.
  • Price. We offer a lower rate, allowing you to mark up our services and increase overall profitability of a project.
  • 24 hour work cycle. Timezone difference of our European office allows us to deliver a lot of progress overnight, which creates a vibrant dynamic in the relationship.

What have we done recently?

One of our favorite experiences was building a gamification platform for Southwest Airline's loyalty program. More impressive than tech, the airline was able to onboard more than 80,000 new customers in the first month! Click below to learn details.

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