We Started out by Making a Difference for Young People

A year before we started New Normal, we founded Geekhub -- a school that helps young people in Ukraine jumpstart their engineering career by taking them through a free 6 months web development course which ended with helping graduates land a job in tech. Having come from a youth work background we wanted to find a way to help young Ukrainians start a meaningful career despite the poor educational system and limited employment opportunities.

Back in 2011 along with some of our developer friends we started teaching in the evenings and the project took off, gaining more popularity with each year. Over 9 seasons we graduated a total of 889 so far. Each year we get over 2500 applications and constantly work on accommodating as many people as we can.

Geekhub coding school

The school is a one in a lifetime opportunity for young people in Ukraine: an opportunity to start a career in the most dynamic industry in the world. Geekhub had helped spawn many new businesses and fuel growth for existing companies. In fact, Geekhub is how New Normal has been able to grow over the last 7 years. It still is a major source of our scaling ability.

Geekhub lesson

With Geekhub and New Normal we are solving 2 industry problems: we are increasing availability of engineers to the US businesses and creating otherwise limited opportunities for talented youth in Ukraine.

We’ve been able to help over 760 young people in Ukraine find jobs with local tech firms servicing companies like Amazon, Netflix, Toyota and T-Mobile.

Geekhub students receive their certificates

We are continuing our work through Geekhub to help young people in difficult circumstances and help US tech companies grow beyond local resources.

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