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Do your clients occasionally need custom web solutions, but you don't have an in-house development team? We are here to help! Since 2012 we have powered marketing agencies to deliver robust web and mobile apps.

Add web development capability to your firm by making us part of your value proposition: we will consult your clients on web strategy, create the scope of work and execute on your behalf.

Double your value for clients

  • Make your integrated campaigns stand out. By adding backend functionality to your campaign you will increase it's appeal and boost customer engagement. Here’s a great example of Southwest Airlines campaign, which used gamification to bring over 80,000 new customers into their loyalty program in a month.
  • Your creative comes alive. Dazzle and entertain your audience with interactive presentation of your website or campaign. Pair it with a meaningful backend functionality (like an online contest or loyalty program) and you’ve got a campaign audiences can’t resist!
  • Offer your clients more. Modern marketing involves more than just creative — with us you can help your clients run A/B tests, segment audience and create customer journeys, integrate surveys, incentivize customer behavior through gamification, build loyalty programs and go as far as your expertise takes them.

Why New Normal?

  • We know marketing. We’ve built tech for dozens of successful digital campaigns: from simple landing pages to gamification platforms. We understand marketing teams and provide you with frictionless service.
  • White label service. We seamlessly integrate into your process to present a unified front to the client.
  • Price. We offer a lower rate, allowing you to mark up our services and increase overall profitability of a project.
  • 24 hour work cycle. Timezone difference of our European office allows us to deliver a lot of progress overnight, which creates a vibrant dynamic in the relationship.

Make your campaigns more engaging with interactive functionality Adding interactive functionality makes marketing campaigns more exciting, enjoyable and engaging. In this example we are on-boarding customers through a simple gamification campaign.

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