You have a project deadline
Your software team is slammed

Your solution is New Normal

You need to accelerate innovation and get things done. Your dev team is heads-down maintaining the core business. You need a nimble partner to work in parallel, on budget, and on deadline.

New Normal is your development and UX solution. We’ve delivered custom software for clients in eCommerce, aerospace, fin tech, travel, health care, and manufacturing. Let’s talk about what you need to do.

Open On Sunday

Music Catalog Valuation Engine

Open On Sunday needed to automate its ability to value music catalogs in order to make quick and confident offers to artists with valuable music IP.

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Custom publishing platform

Amazon wanted a complete overhaul of the Amazon.Design website—we brought their world-class design to life with a custom CMS

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Southwest California Millions

Contest management platform

12 weeks from design to launch—Southwest’s California Millions web app and backend awarded 50,000,000 Rapid Reward™ points without breaking a sweat. End-to-end contest management (we even completed their taxes).

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No Babysitter Required

You put in a lot of work to hire an outside technology partner. It’s not just defining scope and securing the budget—you also need to build the case with your leadership. And after all that, what if you still have to babysit the partner team?

New Normal works tirelessly to deliver results that make you look good. We’ll be there for the entire project—and after launch—to make sure your decision to hire an outside partner will be seen as financially smart, technically savvy, and incredibly productive.

We’ve boosted the profiles of teams at Amazon, Gates Foundation, the State of Washington, VMWare, Napster, and many others. Let us help you next.

Yuriy Kurat
Yuriy Kurat
Founder, CEO
Daniel Spils
Daniel Spils
Managing Partner
Rebecca Staffel
Rebecca Staffel
Managing Partner
Peter Hilgendorf
Peter Hilgendorf
Design Partner
Irene Velychko
Irene V.Full Stack Developer
Marina Derkach
Marina D.Backend Developer
Sergey Matvienko
Sergey M.Frontend Developer
Alex Fil
Alex F.QA Team Lead
Serhiy Fedorenko
Serhiy F.Full Stack Developer
Kate Haman
Kate H.QA Engineer
Dmytro Slotin
Dmytro S.Frontend Developer
Yaroslav Yeremeyev
Yaroslav Y.Project Manager
Lena Nereta
Lena N.Event Manager
Roman Taran
Roman T.Frontend Developer
Nataly Vnienkovska
Nataly V.QA Engineer
Artem Danko
Artem D.Full Stack Developer
Anastasia Karpenko
Anastasia K.QA Engineer
Anton Mishchenko
Anton M.Accountant
Denys Datsenko
Denys D.Project Manager
Volodymyr Kyrychenko
Volodymyr K.Project Manager

3 full stack software engineers1 backend developer3 frontend developers android developer iOS developer4 QA engineers3 project managers, 1 office manager, 1 attorney, 1 CTO, 1 delivery manager, 1 managing partner, 1 founder. 


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