Custom Web Development

Building unique user experiences is an art. Giving your clients custom abilities online is a superpower.

If a website is a presentation tool, a web app is automation. By leveraging algorithms, interfaces and integrations you can bring your world class service to your clients at scale.

Custom web development is great for solving one of a kind challenges or building unique solutions. At New Normal, we have built custom apps for financial, investment, e-commerce, real estate, gaming, smart home and experience industries.

Our process

We prefer to follow agile development methodology, which has worked the best for our clients so far: it allows to move in smaller 2-week steps and coordinate our efforts with other teams working on the project.

Waterfall (projects with predefined scope and timeline) method is an option for us as well, it serves well in situations where the business case had been thought out from the beginning and all it needs now is to be implemented.

In any of these configurations, we are working for the success of our customers. Even in situations with a very short timeline, loosely defined scope and limited budget we had been able to bring value to our clients.

Dedicated teams

We've found that we can best serve our long-term clients by assigning a permanent team to work on their technology. A dedicated project manager and lead developer help to greatly optimize communication and delivery cycles.


At New Normal we use a loosely-coupled architecture, which separates backend and frontend applications via an API abstraction layer. Such setup has a number of advantages, including better security, better scalability and easy transition to micro services in the future.

Hosting / Web Services / Platforms

  • Azure
  • AWS


  • CircleCI
  • Docker

Frontend frameworks / packages

  • React.JS
  • Gatsby
  • Next.JS
  • Webpack

Backend frameworks / packages

  • Node.JS
  • PM2

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