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Creating mobile experiences is becoming more relevant each passing year. In 2019 mobile constituted over 48% of global internet traffic. While all web experiences include a responsive mobile template, delivering native experiences has become irreplaceable to win the attention and loyalty of your users.

To deliver the best results to your business, we are focused on building iOS and Android experiences via native frameworks or ReactNative.

Native Frameworks

For products that revolve around mobile app experience and take full advantage of hardware capabilities of mobile devices, we recommend using native frameworks. They allow to create apps optimized for performance and effective use of device resources.

Technologies we use for native development are:

  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C
  • Android: Kotlin, Java


ReactNative is a great new technology that allows to build native apps across all major mobile operating systems. You can save money by creating the code once and deploying to Android and iOS simultaneously.

The drawback? The experience delivered ReactNative is generic: it’s not designed to utilize ApplePay or AndroidPay, precise location and advanced camera features. Use it to build apps like Tinder, but not Uber.

Web backend

Modern apps do not come as standalone systems anymore, they are connected to a larger infrastructure via an API. This significantly enhances the user experience and engagement you can have with your customers.

At New Normal, it’s our core expertise is to create such multi-platform systems. While a lot of consultants can build apps and custom web backends, we lead you through the product design process to make sure that various parts of your product deliver consistent user experience.

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